3 Storage Planning Tips & Organising Tips For Q2 2021

Issue: Apr 2021

3 Storage Planning Tips & Organising Tips For Q2 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has been quite a challenge for everyone regardless of age, gender or status. However, you should look at the situation you are experiencing with a different set of eyes. Perhaps it’s time to transform your home with some small space organisation ideas, turning it into a wonderful place to stay, a place of comfort and not of distance. Make your home a school – read, write, draw and learn. Make your house a home – clean and organised. Here are some storage and organisation ideas that can help you ease seamlessly into the second quarter of 2021.

Summer Proofing Your Belongings

As summer approaches, there is much to prepare. Every season involves a change of furniture and decor. The most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure our homes are clutter-free, airy and well-decorated to usher in the holiday period for the kids. Keep thick sheets and duvets away in a storage unit and bring out the breezier sheets. Add more space by temporarily moving about furniture such as study desks that are not needed.

StorHub, one of the most reliable self storage facilities in Hong Kong, provides storage space for rent that comes equipped with an emergency system to ensure the safety and maintenance of your belongings and according to your capacity needs. To make sure your treasured belongings are unaffected by excess heat in the summer, StorHub has insulated storage units to maintain the desired temperature. All StorHub facilities are equipped with security systems such as CCTV, fire protection systems and pin code access to ensure the safety of your items.

Make Space For Prolonged WFH And School From Home Arrangements

To contain the spread of the virus, most schools undergo a rotation system where some students attend physical classes while some attend online classes from home. With some simple storage planning, you could sail through your routines like a breeze. Study desks that were kept in your storage unit can be brought out again and your summer furniture can be stored for more space at home.

When studying from home, little children especially, can get distracted easily by the comforts of home. Large-sized play items, video games and other such distractions can be temporarily stored at a rental storage space during weekdays to enable children to focus better on their studies. During the weekends, they can easily access their leisure items such as bicycles, camping gear and more to refresh and de-stress.

Make Space For Mother's And Father's Day Celebrations At Home

Most places would be incredibly crowded when Mother’s Day and Father’s Day arrive, and it is unwise to join the crowd, especially with the global pandemic in the background. On the 9th of May and 20th of June, let’s give our parents – who gave us everything – something more lasting. Which is why it is best to plan and prepare for a little celebration at home. If planned correctly and efficiently, it could be even better than celebrating in public places.

Most homes in Hong Kong have limited space and that calls for excellent small space organisation! Have you ever heard the saying, “Your uniqueness is your magic”? A unique gift for your parents on their special day could be a storage unit! Help them declutter by moving furniture that they only use on certain occasions into those storage units to make their small space spacious again. Most people may enjoy a day with a few close friends and relatives at home playing mahjong. You could come up with an idea to clear up their home for a long, intense and satisfying day of mahjong for both your parents’ big day or for any day of their choosing.

You Can Always Depend on Storhub to Secure Your Treasured Belongings

Use StorHub's mini storage to keep your belongings

StorHub provides the most experienced team to safely help you in moving or storing things that you are currently not utilising to one of the most reliable self storage facilities in Hong Kong. StorHub isn’t just for storage. It provides space. One can even say it is an extension of your home. For more storage and organisation ideas, visit our blog now!

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