Declutter your Body, Mind and Soul

Issue: Oct 2021

Declutter your Body, Mind and Soul

Have you ever felt as if you were sinking and drowning in a sea of chaos and stress? This is possibly due to the mess going on in your space, your mind and even your soul. Here are some tips on how to declutter your life as well as your house to make you feel more relaxed at home. We, at StorHub self storage in Hong Kong, also want you to understand the reasons as to why decluttering physically, mentally as well as spiritually is important for a healthier, happier and more balanced life.

Letting go helps you save time and money

Among the many things going on in a person’s mind is the thought of time and money. We’re always thinking about ways to improve our financial situation as well as how much work we must get done and how little time we have to do it. This, plus the stress of a messy space is not going to get you anywhere. Let’s focus on the first step, which is letting go of items that have held us back from doing many things and cause us stress. Take some time out of your day to clear up the clutter at home and move what you still want but not using at this moment into a storage unit. You can consider selling off items that can be used but have not been used in years.

Less trash, Less stress

For items that you no longer need, you could throw them away. Items that fall into this category are old documents, grocery lists and even your digital trash. You can clear up your unused documents and old bookmarks on your computer to prevent wasting time searching for what you need. Moreover, looking at old documents — even though you’re done with them can cause more anxiety as it would remind you of the work you have not yet completed. Decluttering your mind is just as important as decluttering your space.

The clean living room space

Cleaning keeps you healthy

It should be obvious that cleaning keeps you healthy. This is because cleaning your space helps to keep dust and dirt out and prevents allergies. Getting sick during important workdays is the absolute worst. It could build up more stress and you could get sicker and that would just ruin your day. A good tip is to do a quick sweep or vacuum every day and store extra household items away when they are not always needed.

Clear spaces give better focus

The clearer your space, the more focused you will be. If your work desk or space contains a lot of clutter, you’d be distracted easily and end up falling into a slump where you feel lethargic and barely get any work done. Therefore, decluttering your desk also declutters your mind. The only things needed in your work space are your computer, notebook, pens and perhaps water to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Moving out the unnecessary items can help to keep your area clearer as well as your mind.

Happy Asian family sitting on the sofa

A happier home

A happier home is one that is spacious and makes you feel free to move around and relaxed. If you have little children, a cleaner home with less clutter can prevent them from getting hurt by tripping. A tip on how to declutter your house is to keep heavy items in a self storage unit if they are not needed at the moment. This helps to prevent any accidents.

If you follow these tips on how to declutter your home and life, rest assured that you will attain a better lifestyle quality with your newfound peace of mind, body and soul. You need to understand that there are many temporary storage spaces for household items, but not all will offer you excellent storage experience. Think of self storage, think of StorHub. StorHub is a self storage facility that provides one of the best services of its kind in Hong Kong. Equipped with high-quality storage units, a high-tech security system, flexible storage terms, you will experience total peace of mind with StorHub. Check out our nearest branch in Hong Kong.

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