What To Do During Summer At Home In Hong Kong

Issue: May 2021

What To Do During Summer At Home In Hong Kong

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2019, we did not expect it to stick around this long. Events were canceled or postponed, schools now function in a rotation system and holiday destinations have been shut down. As a result, staying indoors became the best way to protect ourselves and others from this virus. With summer on it’s way, we’ve come up with summer home activities to make our quarantine time at home interesting and memorable. Here are some ideas on what fun things you can do during summer!

Hold A Photoshoot

Have your family get dressed up and glammed up for random photoshoot sessions at home. Young children in the family can compete for the best poses and photographs. The older children could learn and test their editing skills through healthy competition and parents can be the judges. This could take up so much time in a day that you won’t even notice the hours race by.

Make A Bird Feeder

You could have your family spend time bird watching and do nature a favour by getting creative by making bird feeders that you can hang at your window or at your balcony. You could use items such as used water bottles, tissue boxes or old household items. Decorate those items and fill them with sunflower seeds and hang them outside for birds that need a quick snack for their journey. You can even photograph those birds and make a scrapbook.

Tie Dye Crafts

Something you could do on your own or as a family is tie dye crafts. You can get your own craft table as your workstation and a cotton T-shirt that you want to design on. Wet the t-shirt for better absorption. Tie the t-shirt tightly with rubber bands and squirt your dye from a spray bottle and let the t-shirt dry for about 24 hours and then wash it without any other clothing. This is a fun way to “upgrade” old clothes and helps pass the time.

Summer-Proof Your Belongings

With summer comes the heat, thus, we need a contingency plan on how to summer-proof our belongings and also a plan on how to make more space for our summer home activities.

1. Consider insulation
 Before getting insulation, make sure your home is air sealed properly. Insulation is essential in keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
2. Switch your linen
 Switch your sheets to something more cooling like cotton. Using materials such as flannel that’s thick and has a wooly texture can make you sweat, forcing you to have to wash your sheets more often than usual and is not cost efficient for you.
3. Take your stand fans out of the storage
 If you don’t have a storage space for rent, now is the time to get one. You can keep stand fans there during winter and bring them back out during the summer to keep your home cool.
4. Switch to blackout curtains
 Blackout curtains are useful in blocking out heat and glare that can make you feel lethargic and cause you to laze around rather than be productive. You could also store them away after summer ends in order to prevent too many items in your home.
5. Switch from warm-light bulbs to LED bulbs
 Incandescent light bulbs are great for mood lighting but they can also increase the heat level in your home. It would be cooler if you switched out those bulbs for LED bulbs that are not powered by heat.

Summer at home isn’t necessarily boring when you have plans with family and make a summer packing list to prepare yourself for the heat and for fun. If you happen to have more belongings that your home can store, and are in need of storage spaces for rent, look no further than StorHub. StorHub provides one of the best self storages you can find in Hong Kong. Equipped with high-quality storage units, a high-tech security system, and flexible storage terms, you can be at total peace of mind with StorHub. Check out our nearest branch in Hong Kong to learn more about our storage space for rent.

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