How To Move To A New Office Efficiently without Disrupting the Business

Issue: Sep 2021

How To Move To A New Office Efficiently without Disrupting the Business

Office relocation is just as busy as moving into a new home. The change can be both exciting as well as stressful. There is a lot of thought and planning involved for a smooth relocation to avoid business disruption. Here are several important-to-remember office relocation tips to help ensure a quick, smooth and efficient move.

Office employee planning for the move

Plan the Move in Advance

Workspace relocation is not something that can be done overnight. It will require detailed as well as precise planning. A tip on how to move office is to start the process in advance with the first step, that is, prepare a schedule. This schedule needs to be specific with “who” prepares “what” to move as well as “when” things need to be moved and stored away. Each week, employees can be put into teams to take turns on sorting what is needed and what the new office can do without. Within the planned moving schedule, you should have sufficient time to consider logistics such as equipment, utilities, paperwork, and backing up company data. Planning ahead will also save you time, effort and money. This is because you would be able to plan the transportation service in advance for a quality service and a reasonable one too.

Inform Employees & Stakeholders

This is possibly one of the most important office relocation tips that should be in the top 3 of your to-do-list. Ensure that your employees and stakeholders are updated with the plans and schedule of the relocation. Create email announcements on the details of the move such as the time, date and location of the new office. You can even come up with a Relocation Committee with an assigned Project Manager. Get the team to prepare a checklist to ensure nothing gets left behind or overlooked and everyone should be responsible for clearing out their own workspaces.

Eliminate Unwanted Items

Understand that some items cannot come along such as outdated documents, junk files and other unnecessary items. Do not forget to consult with the relevant personnel on which items can be disposed of. You would want your new office to be clean and neat and therefore, some items that are less used can be stored away in a self storage facility. One of such facilities is offered by StorHub at their Chai Wan storage facility and they provide a reliable business storage space solution to solve the problem of insufficient storage space in the office. Their flexible lease terms and convenient payment methods allow you to enjoy high-quality self storage services at affordable prices. You can even use their space calculator to decide on just how much business storage space you need.

Look for Efficient Movers

Another tip on how to move to your new office is by making sure you have a reliable mode of transportation for your items. Check on the reviews of professional movers to help you assess their service level in order to gain a good moving experience. Many relocation companies know what to do to give you a smooth moving experience. Ensure they provide packing and unpacking services so that your items are safely transported. Come up with a moving plan with the moving company to avoid any mishaps on the actual day. Choose a company that is certified as well as one that provides insurance for your items while in transition.

Arrange for Moving Supplies

Among the office moving tips is that you will need packaging materials such as boxes, packing items and moving supplies to keep things organised. StorHub also has carton boxes, tapes, box cutters and bubble wraps for sale at their reception office to help you pack and organise items that are going to be stored away in the self storage facility.

Business self storage space in Chai Wan StorHub

If you follow these office moving tips, rest assured that you will be able to have a smooth transition to your new workplace. You need to understand that there are many temporary storage spaces for business items but not all will offer you the reliability and excellent business storage experience. StorHub provides one of the best self storages you can find in Hong Kong. Equipped with high-quality storage units that are in compliance with the fire safety regulations in Hong Kong, high-tech security system, flexible storage terms, you will experience total peace of mind with StorHub Self Storage. Check out our new storage facility now open at Chai Wan today. Our staff are available on-site daily to help you with your storage needs. Call us at +85 2809 2996 to get a quote from our storage specialists.

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