Self Storage Insurance

Accidents such as fire and water leakage could happen within the storage area. That’s why at StorHub we offer specially designed self storage insurance to protect storage contents against losses.

Insurance for your storage contents is brought to you by StorHub and placed by Reason Global Insurance Limited as a broker for StorHub. The insurer of the Master Policy is Amica for AXA Versicherung AG & Others.

Insurance FAQ

1. Do I need to purchase insurance?

We recommend that you purchase insurance because it can protect the stored contents against loss or damage. We also offer insurance that is suitable for self storage.

2. Why do we need insurance?

Accidents such as fire and water leakage can occur within the storage area, which can result in the loss or damage of stored contents. To protect against such losses, it is highly recommended to purchase insurance for the stored contents.

3. What does the insurance cover?

The minimum coverage of the insurance offered by StorHub is HK$10,000. Higher coverage is also available at affordable monthly premiums. Fire, lightning, and/or extraneous perils (which include water damage, theft resulting from forcible entry and other perils listed in the storage insurance application form*).

4. Is the insurance for each customer or each unit rented?

It is applicable for each storage unit that you are renting. E.g. If you are renting two units, you will be required to purchase two insurance policies. In other words, two storage insurance application forms will be required.

5. Do I need to sign on the storage insurance application form?

Yes, the insurance coverage will not take effect without a signed storage insurance application form.

6. Will there be another separate policy document sent out to me?

No, the storage insurance application form serves as a confirmation of insurance taken up.

7. What is the excess for this insurance policy?

HK$ 2,000. This means the first HK$ 2,000 of each and every claim will not be claimable.

8. Who do I call if I have any further queries?

Please contact Reason Global Insurance Limited on telephone no. +44(0)1273 739961, which is the authorized insurer to provide advice on general insurance products.

* Complete details on the terms, conditions and exclusions are listed in the storage insurance application form.

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