Fire-resistant Storage

At StorHub, our customers’ safety is of the utmost importance to us, which is why it is our top priority to ensure that we have all the necessary safety measures in place at our facilities. All our storage units are designed with that in mind and purpose-built to serve as fireboxes. These fireboxes have a high fire resistance rating with a sealed design, and the walls and doors are made of fire-resistant materials. These materials act as a protective barrier for our storage units so that they can withstand fire and provide insulation for up to 30 minutes, ensuring the structural integrity while isolating the source of fire, thus offering customers peace of mind that their belongings are well protected.

Every firebox is equipped with a highly sensitive heat detector that immediately detects any rise in temperature, enabling early fire detection. Our storage facilities are also installed with advanced fire protection systems including fire alarms and automatic sensor lights. Additionally, these are seamlessly connected to a fire alarm panel so that the fire department will be alerted directly in case of a fire, ensuring the fastest possible response.

The fireboxes are not only suitable for storing personal items, but also ideal for business storage needs. They can be used to store company documents, invoices, receipts, and inventory and more.

StorHub Self Storage in Hong Kong is committed to providing high-quality, safe, and reliable storage solution to everyone! Choose our fireboxes right away to ensure the safety of your belongings. Get a quote today and let our friendly and professional storage specialists assist you with your storage needs!

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