How Our Self Storage Services Work?

Renting a storage space is hassle-free with StorHub. Follow our 5-steps guide, and you can start to move in immediately.

Self storage facilities location

Choose the mini storage location most convenient to you

Think about when and where you will most likely travel from when you need to access your stored items. Will you be travelling from home or your work place? You have free, unlimited access to StorHub mini storage 24 hours a day, 365 days all year round. So depending on whether you are a morning lark or a night owl, you can pick the location that fits your lifestyle. Find us!

Size estimator

Estimate the unit size you need

If you are like most of us who are not architects nor storekeepers, you may have a problem with gauging the footprint our belongings occupy. It is time to stop scratching your head, StorHub has an online space calculator to help you estimate the mini storage space you should have, and to address the hair fall at the same time. Alternatively, call us or come visit us at our office to help you , our experienced storage specialists are also readily available to advise you.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’re not sure of the size of storage unit you’ll need for everything to fit, our space calculator is here for you. Finding out the size you need will be a breeze!

Contact us

Contact us at 2809 2996

If you have countless questions running through your mind but are not sure of who to turn to, fret not. Our friendly storage specialists will prepare a quote and schedule a viewing for you. Alternatively, you may request a quote from our Get-A-Quote form.

Move in

Visit us or move in immediately

Whether you want to make a trip to our mini storage facility to see the space for yourself or have thought it through and can’t wait to move in, we have got your back. Visit our facility to view your unit, and when you are ready, complete your registration with us and move in!

Packing materials

Stop by our retail store for your packing materials

What if you want to make sure your treasured possessions are well-protected and secured but forgot your packing tape? We have got it all sorted for you. A wide range of packing materials is available for sale at our on-site retail store.

Love It? Store It!