Easy and Effective Spring Cleaning Tips on Cleaning Up Your Home

Issue: Jan 2021

Easy and Effective Spring Cleaning Tips on Cleaning Up Your Home

To many people, spring cleaning is both a big and significant task that signifies a new beginning leading up to the Lunar New Year. Once it is done and dusted, it can also be fulfilling for everyone who was involved. If you are not quite looking forward to getting cracking, you are likely not the only one feeling that way since it can be physically demanding and time-consuming. You might be wondering what the most efficient way to go about cleaning up at home is. We will be sharing how you can not only finish spring cleaning quickly but also do a thorough job in preparation for the festive event.

1. Prepare the necessary tools

Have the proper tools ready

Tools are the one thing that you cannot do without when it comes to spring cleaning. It helps to gather all the tools you’ll need in one place and lay them out so that you can conveniently reach for them while staying put at that spot as you clean up. Filling multiple buckets up with water and having several rags ready can also help you save time and get in the groove as you clean up. Your efficiency is definitely increased as you will have enough water and cleaning supplies with you to keep going for longer then refill the buckets at the end when all the buckets of water gets murky.

Alternatively, you can carry either a caddy or a small bucket containing all the essential cleaning tools you need. It can be handy if you have a trolley to contain your cleaning equipment and necessary products like cleaning cloths and cleaning solutions so that you can carry everything around the house easily.

2. Establish a routine or system for cleaning up

Sticking to a routine or system while cleaning the house enables you to complete spring cleaning in a faster and more efficient manner. Finishing the whole cleaning process within a shorter time also means less energy is expended from moving around the house so that you will feel less exhausted when you are done.

Sectioning off different parts of your home and cleaning those areas one by one could be a good routine. For instance, you can go from one room to the next or wipe down all the windows in your house at one go, then move on to every furniture piece, followed by the whole floor. Being systematic as you clean up would be a good idea too. For example, start from the ceiling and move your way down so that the lower areas wont be covered in dust if you were to go in the opposite direction.

3. Have your family or housemates give you a hand

Have you ever felt that spring cleaning is exhausting when doing it alone? Having your family or roommates help you out will prevent you from feeling worn out after doing a round of spring cleaning, as the list of tasks will be split up among multiple people! Spring cleaning will also be quicker and more effective, as now you have a few people to lighten the load for each other.

4. Toss out or store your clutter away until you have a use for it again

An essential element of Lunar New Year spring cleaning is to "get rid of the old". As you clean, it's time to take stock of what you have, identify the items you no longer need, or do not immediately need, and either throw them away, or store them with a conveniently located self storage provider like StorHub so they are out of your immediate way yet still available whenever you need them. There's no point spring cleaning if your house is as cluttered with stuff as it was before after you finish!

Effective Home Cleaning Pointers You Can Make Use Of

Spring cleaning is often regarded as an essential but troublesome household chore. However, with these tips, you will be able to clean more effectively. At StorHub, we understand your storage needs and strive to keep your homes clutter-free so that you can have an effective spring cleaning session.

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