Keep These Storage Tips Handy And Brave It Out This Halloween

Issue: Oct 2020

Keep These Storage Tips Handy And Brave It Out This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner once again! Your kids are over the moon about this fun festive occasion since it is when they receive candies, get to play dress-up and get to go on a shopping spree to pick out decorations for the house. Are you just as excited about this upcoming occasion as your kids are or is the thought of having new items like wigs, decorations and costumes take up space at home troubling you?

1. Choose durable storage containers that can be stacked up

You can never go wrong with planning ahead by having sturdy storage containers on standby for your Halloween costumes and decorations since these are all reusable. By doing so, your items will be as good as new when you take them out the next time. Heavy decorations like costumes with accessories and hardware, pumpkin baskets, skull string lights and festive bakeware should ideally be kept in stackable containers. Keeping the heavier items inside bottom containers and making sure the weight is evenly distributing among the boxes can make it safer for you when lifting them and ensure each container isn’t overloaded. You can also opt for containers that come with wheels to prevent the base of the containers from leaving scratches on your tiles when being moved around the house.

2. Sort and name items based on their decoration areas

Labelling the containers can save you a lot of trouble in the long run so you will not be struggling to recall where everything is kept one or two years down the road. Group the items and store them in separate containers according to the sections of your house they are meant to decorate. When the time comes, you will not be turning your house upside down if the items stored in the containers in an organised and systematic manner.

3. Brighten your children’s day by taking good care of their costumes

High quality and realistic costumes can be expensive so you would naturally want to ensure they’re stored properly to keep both your kids and yourself happy. Ideally, if you have extra room in your wardrobe or a hanging rod in a spare room, you would want to hang them up in a garment bag. If the costumes are oversized then you might want to store them in a vacuum-sealed bag which will save you space and protect them from collecting dust.

4. Excel at storing all types of Halloween decoration

On top of labelling your containers and separating items based on areas of your home to decorate with, why not create a list to keep in the container too? While the stored item names are still fresh in your mind, why not take a few minutes to create a content list so that you’ll literally know it inside and out. If you have little trinkets that your kids treasure and you don’t want to run the risk of losing them, store them in larger items like your pumpkin baskets! Alternatively, you can use jewelry boxes or any container with multiple compartments. If you have more fragile decorations, wrap them with a bubble wrap, paper towel or place them in padded envelopes. For flimsier items made of paper or fabric like Halloween themed cut-outs, keep them in plastic bags so that they’re protected from pests and moisture. Better yet, just load your items into your car trunk and come straight to us if you’ve run out of containers. StorHub self storage has got your back with packing materials like durable boxes that come in four different sizes, heavy duty tapes, bubble wraps and more!

Keep in mind that Halloween gives you a reason to have a family get-together and spend some quality time with each other. Now that you know exactly how to store your Halloween items in an orderly manner, you won’t have to fret about running out of storage space. Having said that, if you have things laying around at home that you don’t have an immediate need for, StorHub has got your back! We are most likely a stone’s throw away from you with our conveniently located self storage facilities around Hong Kong and new ones that are coming soon!

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