5 Ways To Make Room For More While Keeping Items That Bring You Joy

Issue: Nov 2020

5 Ways To Make Room For More While Keeping Items That Bring You Joy

Once we are all grown up and as time has gone by, some items you have kept in your house for a long time will end up being redundant. These items are just taking up precious space that you could otherwise be using to keep other more practical necessities. It can be hard to let go of them if they carry sentimental value. Be it souvenirs or old garments, keeping these items that you hold dear helps to bring back fond memories that mean the world to you. Are you wondering how you can make room for new items? In this article, we are sharing 5 ways you can create more space while still keep some of your treasured items. Marie Kondo would also approve of our suggested tidying tactics that will spark joy in you!

1.Go Digital With Your Mementos

Technological advancements have introduced an unprecedented way of storing our souvenirs which is to digitise them. Even though you may have to get rid of the hardcopies of your photos, school work and cards, you get to save them electronically. You can easily sort them by categories through scanning and putting them into various folders stored in your computer.

Photo books for storage

To make it more pleasing to the eye, you could even consolidate the papers into digital scrapbooks. It’s always better to be safe than sorry with digital files, so do back them up in the cloud so that they won’t go missing or be deleted by accident.

2. Make Use Of Keepsake Containers

You can consider storing your mementos in keepsake containers if you are reluctant to let them go. These mementos may be taking up space on shelves, in envelopes or folders. Having them stored in these places makes it hard for you to locate them. It also means you aren’t putting your storage space to good use. At the end of the day, you may still find yourself running out of space to keep your boxes. If you are looking for reliable storage solutions to mitigate that problem, StorHub is the way to go. All self storage facilities across Hong Kong let you keep your items at affordable rates and access them at any time of the day! You can rest assured that your mementos are in safe hands and declutter your home to your heart’s content to make room for new items.

Keepsake box for self storage

3. Hang Your Photos Up On Walls

Another way to save space is to gather your old photo albums, put them into photo frames and display them on your walls. This helps to rid your cabinets and drawers of bulky folders that are covered in dust since you will have taken the photos out to hang them up on your walls. You will then be left with more space to keep new items. Aside from framing the photos up, you can also get them laminated, stick them onto the walls or line up polaroids on a string. This way, your drawers won’t be filled with those big dusty folders anymore since the photos are vertically displayed, freeing up room for newer items. You can frame them up, laminate them and stick them onto walls or clip polaroids on a string of twine.

Framed pictures on wall

4. Pick Out Innovative Furniture

Innovative furniture can go a long way to optimise storage space in your home. One of them includes storage benches where cubbies below the cushioned seats can be used to store old clothes, toys and memorabilia. Additionally, you can opt for built-in shelves to frame your doorways with, maximising vertical areas on walls.

Organised storage in living space

If your items are too big to be kept on those shelves, consider putting them in our self storage facilities instead! We have storage spaces of different sizes to cater to your every need. With units ranging from 12 to 40 square feet, you can choose one that is the most suitable for your budget and the number of things you have to store.

5. Get The Ceiling Revamped

Storage room ceilings are often overlooked, but in fact, they are one of the best places for extra self storage space! Install ceiling-mounted metal shelves or racks to keep plastic tubs of old items. In this way, you’ll be able to make use of space that would never have been functional otherwise.

Create More Space While Keeping Items That Bring You JoyIt is hard to let go of items with sentimental value, and we at StorHub understand that wholeheartedly. With the limited storage space within your home, there’s only so much you could place in your home. That is why we offer you the alternative arrangement of keeping your old merchandise at our storage facilities conveniently located islandwide! Want additional space for your keepsakes? Get a quote now or simply contact us at 2809 2996 and we will be glad to assist with your queries!

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