4 Tips To Improve Our Productivity At Work

Issue: Sep 2021

4 Tips To Improve Our Productivity At Work

When your team is working in the office, trying to finalise a project and meeting a deadline are not about making them work longer hours. It is more about being efficient and doing your best to complete your work within the given time. Good time management is required and creating a conducive work environment that boosts efficiency can let your team and yourself finish a task according to your timeline without working overtime. This in turn allows everyone to take on and finish more tasks. Tips on how to improve your productivity at the workplace are shared in this article.

1) Keep the lines of communication open

Employees communicate with each other in the workplace

One way to improve one’s efficiency at work is to ensure employees communicate with each other effectively. In this day and age, effective communication can be easily achieved via phone calls, emails, meetings in person or video conferencing and mobile messaging apps that are created to facilitate efficient communication among employees at the office. Putting these means of communication to good use can promote better teamwork even when some of you may not be present at the workplace.

2) Keep your office tidy

Keep your office tidy

Keeping the work environment tidy can also improve efficiency. When documents and folders are scattered messily everywhere, the people at work will be affected by the disorderliness of their work surroundings, hindering their work progress and efficiency. Having a cluttered office with too many pieces of furniture and items all over the place can also decrease employees’ morale and make it hard for them to focus on work. The space available for everyone to move around the office is also greatly reduced.

A good way to keep your workplace organised is to only keep documents that are important for day-to-day operations. Other documents that are not essential can be stored away at self storage facilities that provide storage solutions for businesses, like StorHub Hong Kong.

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Additionally, you can simply declutter your workstation and keep things to a minimum by keeping only the necessary items and folders. You can even manage your stress levels with items that help you concentrate better like a stress ball or a family photo, while getting rid of things that take your attention away from your work tasks.

3) Motivate employees with incentives

Motivate employees with incentives

If you lead a team or a company, another way on how to increase work efficiency in your office is to incentivise your employees. Acknowledging a worker for a job well done will help to boost productivity and efficiency as it will make them feel appreciated, which will give them a good reason to be efficient in their work and make them feel more motivated to go above and beyond when fulfilling their duties.

However, when incentivising your employees, do take their personal preferences into consideration. Some workers would prefer being publicly recognised for their efforts, while some prefer other forms of rewards, such as gifts cards.

4) Ensure your employees have the right tools

Having the right tools for your team in the office will help to increase work efficiency. For example, if their work depends heavily on communication and/or remote networking, ensure that the office offers a strong Internet connection and dedicated facilities for communication, such as teleconferencing spaces.

Alternatively, if the team’s work revolves around collaboration, provide them spaces for discussion and remove cubicle walls.

Increase the efficiency of your staff with these tips

Increasing the efficiency of your staff and yourself in the office is easy with these tips, and with StorHub helping you to declutter your office space. Start organising your office and move those extra business documents to a mini storage facility, and you’ll see the difference very quickly! Contact us at +852 2809 2996 today to allow us to help you with your business storage needs.

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