Turning To Self Storage As You Get Your Job Done At Home

Issue: Apr 2020

Turning To Self Storage As You Get Your Job Done At Home

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, COVID-19, we have been making adjustments in our daily lives. A major change employees have had to deal with is the default mode of work being changed to working from home. Rather than having to make your way to work, you have now set up a workstation at home to carry out your duties.

Working from the comfort of your own home has its pros and cons. The following tips will help to boost your productivity as you carve out a dedicated functional workstation and create a happy home environment.

Have A Routine Built

You can still establish a daily routine to help you get through a work day successfully without leaving your home. This routine conditions your brain to going into work mode while being physically at home. Use these tips to create a routine that works for you:

  • Get up at the same time to start working during business hours. It doesn’t matter if you decide to get up at 5:00 AM or 10:00 AM as long as you stick to the same time daily.
  • Make it a point to exercise daily. Working out stimulates your body to give off endorphins to cope with stress and trigger positive emotions. Merely 30 minutes a day should be enough. This will psyche you up for the workday.
  • Put on your work attire. You don’t necessarily need to wear work attire from head to toe since you will be at home. However, simply changing out of your pajamas can help you feel ready to get cracking.
  • Stick to a dedicated work space. You may or may not be fortunate enough to have an actual home office. Even if you don’t, you can always create a workstation and make it the designated spot where you carry out your tasks.
  • Get off work after business hours. It can be tricky to tell yourself to stop working at when the end of working hours approaches. Make sure you behave as though you were still working at the office and knock off after business hours. Engage in relaxing activities and spend time with your loved ones once you’re done for the day.

Stay In Contact With Co-Workers

It is crucial to continue keeping the lines of communication open despite being away from your colleagues, superiors and team members. In this day and age, technological advancements have brought useful tools to us to help us communicate with each other effectively. These technological tools are handy even for a self storage operator in Hong Kong like StorHub Self Storage for employees and customers to keep in contact with each other. Here are a few things to consider adding to your tech tools repertoire if you haven’t already:

  • Email. Email is an essential mode of communication when doing business and part and parcel of running it. Making use of folders can help you keep your emails organised within your inbox and old ones you’ve dealt with or resolved can be moved into the archived folder.
  • Online Calendars. Use an online calendar application to track your appointments, virtual meetings, and conference calls. Share your calendar with co-workers so they can see when you are free and when you are off the clock.
  • Video conferencing. Video conferencing tools make it easy to still communicate with team members and customers face to face.
  • To-do lists. There are many applications, some even built into your computer, for tracking your to-do items. These can be invaluable tools for keeping your workday on track.

Keeping Your Living Space Tidy

You may have heard the saying that a cluttered space is a sign of a cluttered mind. A disorganised space can also make it difficult to concentrate and feel productive.

Now may be the perfect time to consider self storage. Clear your home of the valuables you aren’t ready to get rid of but don’t need in your home right now. With StorHub’s standards for the best self storage products and services in Hong Kong and a variety of sizes of storage units available, it’s easy to organise your space.

Decluttering your work and living areas also makes it simpler to clean and disinfect surfaces, a necessity that can reduce the transmission of germs.

We hope that you continue to stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times and that your workdays are productive!

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