How to Fully Utilise Your Self Storage Unit

Issue: Jun 2021

How to Fully Utilise Your Self Storage Unit

A storage unit is brilliant for storing items that you rarely utilise, family mementos or even seasonal items. If you have made the decision of using a storage unit, you’re probably trying to figure out how much space you might need with the best possible ways to organise your storage unit. Here are some storage unit organisation ideas to help you get started.

Separate Items into Categories

The first step for a successfully organised storage unit is to separate your to-be-stored items into categories. For instance, put out some bins for your seasonal items, documents, fragile items and more. Make a detailed list of all your stored items. You can even arrange a corner for your furniture. This keeps your storage unit neat and makes it less tedious when searching for a specific item that you need. Getting rid of items that you no longer need will avoid unnecessary clutter. You will find that it saves time when you know what you have in your storage unit.

Use Clear Bins Instead of Opaque Boxes

Clear, plastic bins are ideal for identifying what items are in which bin without hassle. Clear bins also make your storage space appear more uniform. Be sure to fill up each bin as much as you can. Arrange your bins vertically and do so carefully to avoid them from toppling over and causing a mess. It is also easier to store bins of similar sizes together. In the event that you are provided with boxes by the storage facility, remember to label each box clearly. StorHub Hong Kong has their own carton boxes to help store items that are less frequently used.

Store Heavier Items Below

Among these packing tips, be sure to store your heavier items at the bottom to prevent the lighter items from being crushed. It is also easier to pull the heavier items out when they are lower so you wouldn’t have to strain yourself when removing or placing them back. This also makes your stack more stable. Also, an important tip is to arrange your items in a way that you create a narrow path for easy access and you don’t have to struggle to reach for items. You can even try out our space calculator for storage to suit your special needs.

Position Based on Frequency

The arrangement of your storage unit should be based on the items you would access more frequently. Items that you rarely use can be fit at the back whilst items you use more often can be placed in the front. This makes it easier and more convenient for you especially when switching summer items for winter items or vice versa. You can even store your children’s school supplies over the holidays like study desks and mini whiteboards.

Label Accordingly

Going big on labels is the best way to organise your storage unit! Get your marker pens, label stickers and sticky notes out. Label each box and maybe even go the distance by making a list of what items are in each box. This would save you so much time when searching for items. These packing tips and storage unit organisation ideas will send you on your way for a neat and manageable storage space.

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