Comparing storage service providers. How should you decide?

Which self storage provider is the most suitable? We believe that many people who are interested in renting a unit have asked the same question. There are many operators on the market today. If you don't take the time to compare different operators, you may end up with one that isn’t the most ideal for your needs.

For comparison of operators, customers are generally most concerned about price. The next factors to consider include the location and environment of the facility and customer service experience. We are here to help you to choose wisely as a consumer so that you will end up with a service provider that is the most suitable for your needs.

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Comparison Factor No. 1 – Fire Safety

Fire safety is one of the most important considerations, yet one that is often overlooked when it comes to choosing a facility. Most of the facilities are located in old industrial buildings, and the fire protection systems may not be adequate. In 2016, a fire that broke out caused the Fire Services Department and the Buildings Department to be more aware of the inadequacy of fire protection systems in this type of facility, and subsequently strengthened fire-fighting regulations while putting in place relevant laws and guidelines. Some companies these days still fail to fully meet the fire safety regulations and guidelines.

StorHub complies with the FSD fire protection standards, including escape routes, adequate windows, fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, installations for fire protection such as fire hose reels, fire extinguishers and more. This maximises the protection of stored items from fire outbreaks and can prevent anyone from becoming a victim of these incidents.

Comparison Factor No. 2 - 100% Owned Property

On top of that, all StorHub facilities are 100% owned properties and are not subject to lease restrictions, which differentiates us from some other companies in the market. We can focus on improving the quality of our customer service provided, so that customers can have a better experience with us. Moreover, customers do not need to worry about being forced to relocate, and can store their items with peace of mind for a long time.

Comparison Factor No. 3 - Rental Rates

Operators on the market offer different rental rates, and the difference between the expensive and cheaper ones can be rather big. Generally speaking, rental rates range from about 40 HK dollars to more than 100 HK dollars per square foot. If you want to rent a unit, you must first know what your budget is otherwise you may find yourself paying more rent than you need to. StorHub offers a range of promotions and affordable rental rates to our customers.

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Comparison Factor No. 4 - Facility Location

Renting a unit allows you to make the most of your living space. If the facility is in a remote location, it will be inconvenient when you wish to access your unit. Ideally, you should choose a facility located close to your home when trying to decide which one to go for. If you are getting there by car, a facility that is within a ten-minute drive would be best, or one that has a train station nearby.

StorHub is within walking distance from most housing estates, and is also within a ten-minute drive of our customers’ homes which is what most would prefer, so our locations fit the bill. Another point is that our facilities are equipped with a parking lot and a loading bay to facilitate the delivery of large and bulky furniture.

Comparison Factor No. 5 - Service Quality

Rental deals often include packaging, transporting of stored items, customer service and insurance coverage for your items. Some market operators provide packaging and transportation services so that customers will not need to carry their own packaging materials or make their own arrangements for transportation, but there may be additional charges for each trip made for transporting the items. In addition, customers should also take into consideration whether the facility has a reception office or telephone number to answer customer enquiries, or provide additional products and services such as insurance.

StorHub does not offer transportation services at the moment but is able to recommend companies that provide such services to our customers. In addition, each facility of StorHub has a reception area. Customers can visit or call each facility during office hours to have their enquiries answered. Each customer can also purchase our dedicated insurance package. If customers have any special requests, we will try our best to fulfil them.

Comparison Factor No. 6 - Facility Environment

Customers will naturally want their stored items to be kept in a safe and secure environment, which is an important factor to consider. Many facilities are equipped with security and fire protection systems, and air-conditioning systems so that customers’ items can be stored in the facility for a long period of time without security issues arising.

All facilities of StorHub have state-of-the-art security systems, fire protection systems, and temperature and humidity control systems, so that customers can rest assured that their stored items are in good hands.

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About finding the right service provider – FAQs:

1. What makes StorHub stand out from the competition?

Still wondering which service provider would suit you best? We sincerely recommend StorHub for you. StorHub’s service period can be long or short and very flexible, with superior services, affordable rental rates, and convenient locations.

The facilities are equipped with an advanced 24-hour security system and fire protection system. The environment within the facility is also maintained at a moderate temperature with humidity levels kept to a minimum, making it suitable for the storing many different types of items. StorHub has a good reputation that it lives up to and is hence a great choice for you.

2. In terms of price-performance ratio, how does StorHub fare amongst the competition?

StorHub facilities are 100% owned properties that comply with the FSD fire protection regulations. There are also staff on duty to assist in our reception area. In addition, our rental rates are affordable and cost-effective.

3. What promotions are offered to customers?

Ongoing promotions offered at StorHub include one month free for six-month service signups and three months free for twelve-month signups. Different types of promotions are offered from time to time so we encourage customers to keep a lookout for our latest updates.

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