StorHub Self Storage Commemorates 20 Years of Service in Singapore

Issue: Aug 2023

StorHub Self Storage Commemorates 20 Years of Service in Singapore

StorHub Singapore, the largest and longest-established self storage provider since 2003, is celebrating the company’s 20th year of successful growth in Asia Pacific. The premier self storage provider’s self storage network has expanded from a single storage facility in Singapore to 18 facilities, with presence across 15 cities in the Asia Pacific region.

Celebrating 20 Years in Business

To mark this momentous anniversary milestone, we are delighted to share our commemorative corporate video that encapsulates the essence of our journey.

The global pandemic illuminated an often-overlooked need for space in rapidly growing societies and modern cities. Overlooked but steeply in demand during the pandemic, the self storage industry saw an unprecedented uptake across the Asia Pacific region. “In space-scarce cities like Singapore, and many of the larger cities in China as well as the rest of Asia Pacific, self storage has become a viable and cost-effective solution for customers”, said Luigi La Tona, Group Director of Store Operations, StorHub Group.

The self storage industry has been growing steadily, providing innovative solutions for communities buffeted by the twin effects of the pandemic-induced lockdowns as well as hybrid work arrangements and home-based learning.

“The storage industry has risen to the occasion and remained resilient despite challenging circumstances. The key is to plan with foresight. StorHub continues to fulfill Asia Pacific’s self storage needs through making a mark in our customers’ life journey and strengthening our bond with them along the way.”, said Mike Hagbeck, Group Chief Executive Officer, StorHub Group.

Events to mark the 20-year milestone

To mark this milestone anniversary, StorHub has lined up a series of events to celebrate 20 years in business in the region amid changing landscapes. These events include customer engagement activities, flagship initiatives reflecting StorHub’s commitment to local community agendas as well as a landmark consumer survey to gauge Singaporeans’ sentiments in relation to space.

Building on the back of this need in the region, StorHub has continued to focus on establishing strong bonds with the local communities and the less fortunate in our societies. “It is our imperative to nurture close relationships with the community in which we operate; this deepens our understanding of our customers’ needs”, explained La Tona.

StorHub survey on Singaporeans’ sentiments

With declining residential square footage in Singapore, StorHub’s 2021 survey findings showed that space ranked as the fourth most important concern for respondents after family, health and job security. Furthermore, the slew of pandemic-related delays in construction projects and an influx of Singaporeans returning from overseas postings had resulted in tough competition for housing and space. StorHub was able to support those in transition through our self storage facilities.

StorHub will be commissioning the 2023 survey in Singapore to establish a post-pandemic position on insights on the population’s preferences and perceptions of space and storage amid different living situations, with hybrid work arrangements becoming more commonplace now.

Sustainability and StorHub

Since StorHub was established in 2003 as the first self storage operator in Singapore, the company has invested to maintain a leadership position in the industry. By introducing pioneering environmental elements including the deployment of electric vehicle charging stations at our facilities, rooftop garden and solar panels at many of our facilities, StorHub is working towards the goal of environmentally friendly business operations. In recognition of the company’s concerted efforts to build a sustainable future, StorHub has been presented with the Environmental, Social and Governance Initiative Award for two consecutive years from 2022 to 2023 at the Self Storage Awards Asia ceremony hosted by the Self Storage Association Asia (SSAA).

Giving back to community

Further to the implementation of green initiatives, StorHub Singapore places great emphasis on proactively working with corporate social responsibility (CSR) partners to give back to the community and better lives in the process.

This year, StorHub continues supporting nonprofit organisations in Singapore that have joined forces with the self storage operator in support of meaningful causes such as providing specialist care for bereaved families.

Exciting promotion

StorHub invites everyone to join in on the celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary through promotions on self storage units valid at all facilities across Singapore. Stay tuned by visiting StorHub Singapore’s official website and social media channels for exciting promotions specially prepared for all new customers.

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