5 Important Things To Do When Moving To a New Home

Issue: Jul 2021

5 Important Things To Do When Moving To a New Home

It is always a blessing to have some downtime to relax at your home to evoke good vibes and to simply live in the moment. However, the time for moving from one house to the other is an excellent opportunity to plan your journey to make your new home a place of total zen and peace. Here are some tips on how to prepare for moving into a new house.

Get rid of your clutter or store it away

The importance of decluttering your home

Why is decluttering important? Think about it this way: moving is a chance to let go of items that we don’t really need anymore. We’re so busy dealing with our usual chores as well as schedules that the last thing we need is our unnecessary clutter getting in the way. Before moving, you could put some belongings into categories such as items that need to be thrown away, given away, or stored elsewhere and items that can come with you. If your home is too crowded with items, the clutter prevents you from receiving new things into your life. Come up with some storage and organisation ideas to declutter so that you can welcome new blessings into your life.

Choose an auspicious day to move

Choose an auspicious day to move to your new home

Before moving, plan ahead by choosing an auspicious date to move into your new house in 2021. This may not only bring you good luck, but also help with pleasing the in-laws. Your moving date can be chosen from the Chinese almanac that calculates the ideal dates of the year. Don't forget to inform the house shifting service providers that you’ve engaged on the date you want to move. The Chinese almanac advises you of the best days to move in as well as days you should absolutely not move in. Search for the auspicious dates to move to your new house in 2021 with the help of a professional if you need to.

Ensure new home appliances are functioning well

Check home utilities

Be sure to include the viewing of your new house in your moving plan. Make sure the home appliances are functioning properly. Be thorough as broken or faulty items could be a sign that there are blockages. They also serve as an indication of things that are in need of repair. Having this foresight and planning ahead can work in your favour. Therefore, make it a point to fix or get rid of anything faulty. This also goes for your own items being transferred from your old home to your new one. Ensure that the movers that you’ve engaged are experienced enough to handle your belongings with care to keep them intact during the move.

Open your windows for better air circulation and positivity

Open your windows for better circulation and positivity

Open all the doors and windows of your new home as soon as you arrive. This allows fresh air and some sunlight into your home for better air circulation as well as to fill your home with positive energy. This is usually followed by the invitation of guests including the homeowners’ friends and family who will drop by for a visit and gift the hosts with auspicious items such as fruits.

Set up your home security system

Set up your home security system

Perhaps the most important thing to do is to set up your home security system. If you need more flexibility, you could opt for a DIY home security system by taking time to scout for one. You can install CCTVs to ensure that theft does not occur. Changing your locks is also a smart move as you wouldn’t know how many spare keys were made before or what the previous owners did with their keys. This sets your mind at ease and it’s also better to be safe than sorry.

These tips for moving into a new house will have you prepared and worry-free. With these tips up your sleeve, you’re much more likely to have good things come your way as you enter your new home as well as your new beginning. StorHub self storage facilities can assist you with your storage and organisation ideas for your big move. Contact us at +852 2809 2996 to get a quote from our storage specialists and to find out how StorHub can meet your various storage needs.

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