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San Po Kong Mini Storage | Coming Soon | StorHub
San Po Kong Mini Storage | Coming Soon | StorHub
San Po Kong Mini Storage | Coming Soon | StorHub
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San Po Kong mini storage

Additionally, rental space is available to companies in the locality, and you can find a safe and reliable San Po Kong storage unit that you can rent for a reasonable budget. Contact a service provider today to learn about the terms of rental.

Make the optimal use of your company's real estate

Finding large office spaces and factory facilities to rent or purchase in San Po Kong can be challenging these days, even with so many high rises cropping up and more facilities being built. You may find that it's easier and more cost-effective to get hold of smaller properties to run your day-to-day operations. If you're a start-up or SME, you may even choose to rent desks at a co-working facility and work out of a communal office unit.

Either way, you may find yourself not having space onsite to store your office documents, marketing materials, inventories, tools and more. Why worry when you can seek professional storage services in the area conveniently?

Visit a San Po Kong storage facility today to take a look at the units available. Photos of units are normally available through email or on the website for you to share with your team.

Committed to keeping your valuable assets in good condition

Every item has its own requirements when storing. A lot of providers have taken great care to build a San Po Kong storage facility that can support different needs. These units can be temperature controlled to provide the right environment for sensitive items till you take them out to ship to your retailers and wholesalers.

Great care is taken in maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the facilities, to prevent any pest presence and keep your items safe. Furthermore, a lot of San Po Kong storage units are all-weather proof, allowing you to keep your items all year long.

About San Po Kong storage – FAQs:

How can I rent a San Po Kong storage unit?

The rental procedures for each service provider can be slightly different, but most of them can start providing services to you by phone confirmation, or after an in-person inspection at their facility.

Am I allowed to treat my rental unit as a place of residence?

Although most service providers allow 24-hour access to their facilities, according to the current laws of Hong Kong, you are not allowed to treat your rental unit within an industrial building as a place of residence.

Do I need to purchase insurance before renting a unit?

For enhanced security and peace of mind, it is recommended to purchase insurance whenever you rent a unit. However, not all service providers include this service along with their usual rental package, and you are advised to inquire about such arrangements with specific providers before you rent a unit. StorHub offers specially designed self storage insurance to protect your contents against losses.

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