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Hung Hom Mini Storage | StorHub
Hung Hom Mini Storage | StorHub
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Hung Hom Storage

Is your home, office or operations center located in Hung Hom? Finding a storage space that is close to you is important to keep your home tidy and ensure your operations can run efficiently.

At StorHub, we are a premier service provider based in Hong Kong. Our Hung Hom storage facility is designed to offer customers and companies in Hung Hom with secure and reliable facilities where they can safely and conveniently store their items.

Make your operations effortless with our Hung Hom storage facility

Hung Hom has always been a thriving hub of industry, trade, and commerce. With so many companies vying for space here, it can be hard to find room to build your own on-site warehouse facility. In addition, this would be expensive as well in the long run.

It helps to have the right facility close by that enables you to conduct your business operations seamlessly. That’s where our Hung Hom storage comes in handy. At StorHub, we have years of experience providing bespoke services to corporate clients in the locality.

Our units are spacious, hygienic, well ventilated, and also secure. This ensures your items are stored in good condition, no matter how long you store them with us. Our facilities are also very well connected to the rest of the neighbourhood and the city, thanks to the well-developed transport network that includes the Hung Hom MTR station, Cross-Harbour Tunnel, Hung Hom Ferry, and many inner-city bus routes. Now you can travel between your office and our facility quickly and conveniently, plus get to any other meetings you have across Hung Hom, Kowloon, or Hong Kong.

An easy choice for both commercial and residential customers

The administration has lots of big plans for the Hung Hom area, making it a great place to move your business here if you have not done so already. That's where our Hung Hom storage facility can be a great partner.

With all the commercial, residential and recreational development plans completed, Hung Hom will become one of the busiest regions in Hong Kong, requiring B2B and B2C vendors. You’ll need a reliable and secure space to store your in-office items, raw materials, finished goods, and other equipment as you start doing business here.

Our Hung Hom storage units can be the perfect place for you to use for the long-term, day-to-day as well as short-term needs for your business. Feel free to speak to a member of our team at StorHub, and we can help you make the perfect choice with regards to your specific requirements.

Features of our Hung Hom storage units

So, what do you get when you rent at our StorHub Hung Hom storage facility?

  • Long term commitment from us as we own our building
  • FSD compliant facility
  • Ample parking space for all our customers to use
  • Wide range of options in unit sizes, from 20 sq. ft. up to 70 sq. ft.
  • Large and spacious driveways for trucks, with accessible loading and unloading technology
  • Insurance coverage for fire-related damages.
  • Round the clock CCTV surveillance
  • Great ventilation and lighting, well-maintained
  • Easy payment
  • 100% air-conditioned

Visit our facility today and take a look in person. We’d also love to give you a walkthrough of our floor plan and facilities.

7 features that makes StorHub special

Some of the other reasons to choose StorHub, apart from our top-notch facilities, are:

  • Flexible contract terms to suit your needs
  • We offer a range of limited time promotions for our customers, such as free transportation, free storage, and much more
  • We are open 24/7, and you will only need to use a pin code to access your unit
  • We provide specialised insurance against fire and water damage
  • We provide paper boxes and packaging materials that you can purchase when you need them
  • Friendly and professional on-site service staff available daily

About StorHub’s Hong Hum Storage Facilities – FAQs:

1. Can I expand or reduce space after I have already rented a Hung Hom storage unit?

Yes, you can. We understand that not every customer requires the same space to store their items over time. You can speak to our specialists and upsize or downsize the rental space according to your changing needs.

We also have lockers for your selection if you only have a few boxes or luggage to store.

2. Are there any charges apart from the rental fee?

Some companies will offer additional services like transportation, packaging, and loading/unloading included in their service package. These costs can increase your expenses depending on the number of trips done or the number of units loaded/unloaded/packed.

At StorHub, our transportation services are not inclusive at the moment but we can recommend reliable movers that you can contact. We do offer paper boxes and packaging materials – these are completely optional and available for purchase at our office.

There is a HK$100 one-time administration fee and a small monthly insurance fee to protect your items against unforeseeable losses from unfortunate accidents.

3. What safety measures does StorHub have in place to protect our goods?

StorHub’s Hung Hom storage facility is Fire Safety Department (FSD) compliant, and is equipped with a fire alarm and sprinkler system. There is also a CCTV system that is operational 365 days, 24/7. Each customer has their own access pin code and we also have staff on-site from Monday to Sunday to ensure our facilities are well-maintained and kept clean.

At StorHub, we are always committed to your satisfaction, privacy, and security while using our services.

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