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Cheung Sha Wan Storage | Lai Chi Kok Mini Storage | StorHub
Cheung Sha Wan Storage | Lai Chi Kok Mini Storage | StorHub
Cheung Sha Wan Storage | Lai Chi Kok Mini Storage | StorHub
Cheung Sha Wan Storage | Lai Chi Kok Mini Storage | StorHub
Cheung Sha Wan Storage | Lai Chi Kok Mini Storage | StorHub
Cheung Sha Wan Storage | Lai Chi Kok Mini Storage | StorHub
1/F (Reception), 3/F,
Precious Industrial Centre,
18 Cheung Yue St, Cheung Sha Wan

2809 2292

Office Operating Hours

Mon – Fri : 9am - 6pm
Sat : 10am - 5pm
Sunday & Public Holidays : 10am - 4pm

Storage Access Hours

24 hours x 7 days
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Cheung Sha Wan & Lai Chi Kok Storage

Are you looking for a storage space in the Cheung Sha Wan & Lai Chi Kok areas? If yes, you’ve come across the right page. StorHub is one of the leading providers of Cheung Sha Wan storage and Lai Chi Kok storage units. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

A safe space for your raw materials and finished products

StorHub offers high quality Lai Chi Kok and Cheung Sha Wan storage units, which are designed for businesses of all sizes (16-78 sq. ft.). Our units are spacious and can be rented for both short-term and long-term projects, as necessary.

Our Cheung Sha Wan storage and Lai Chi Kok storage spaces are well lit, well ventilated, and well maintained which enables business owners like you to store a variety of raw materials and finished products. We have staff on-site from Monday to Sunday and we welcome you to visit our units and tell us your specific needs.

Getting to our Cheung Sha Wan storage facility

Complimentary car parking is available to customers, or you may choose to get there conveniently by MTR, minibus or bus:

  • 3 minutes’ walk from Lai Chi Kok MTR Station Exit A
  • Bus routes: 30X, 31B, 32, 35A, 36A, 36B, 41, 42, 42A, 43C, 44, 45, 46, 58X, 59X, 60X, 67X, 69X, 86, 171, 234X, 238X, 286C, 936, 936A, 970X
  • Minibus routes: 42, 44A, 75

5 reasons to choose a Cheung Sha Wan storage space

You might prefer our facility in Cheung Sha Wan for the following reasons:

  • There are many large wholesale markets in Cheung Sha Wan and you can purchase a wide variety of raw materials and store them easily.
  • There are plenty of B2B companies and B2C retailers who you can do business with.
  • It is close to residential complexes, which assure easy access to market and consumers.
  • Cheung Sha Wan is serviced by MTR station and multiple bus routes, which makes business-related travel fast and convenient.
  • Cheung Sha Wan is rapidly developing, making it one of the biggest industrial hubs in Hong Kong.

5 reasons to choose a Lai Chi Kok storage unit

You might like the warehouse units we offer at Lai Chi Kok for the following reasons:

  • Lai Chi Kok is serviced by MTR trains and bus stations, which makes transport to and from the warehouse very efficient and less time-consuming.
  • Lai Chi Kok is developing into a multifaceted locality with both businesses and residents, making it the perfect place to run your B2B or B2C operations.
  • The constant and numerous property redevelopment and redesign projects make it a great place to rent warehouse spaces for companies.
  • The neighbourhood offers excellent connectivity to the rest of the Kowloon region.
  • It can be hard to build warehouse spaces on-site in Lai Chi Kok due to the scarcity in land, hence having a space to store items and belongings here can be of great help.

Why choose StorHub?

Here are some benefits that you can enjoy at both our Cheung Sha Wan and Lai Chi Kok storage units:

  • Owner of the building
  • FSD compliant
  • Free parking
  • Variety of unit sizes available
  • Large loading bay with passenger lift and cargo lift
  • Pin-code secure access for each customer
  • Clean and hygienic spaces that keep your items in optimal condition.
  • Round-the-clock CCTV coverage.

Contact our team at StorHub today to get a walkthrough of our Cheung Sha Wan storage as well as our Lai Chi Kok storage spaces. We can help you choose a space that is perfectly suited to your bespoke organisational needs. Contact our professionals for more information.

About StorHub Lai Chi Kok & Cheung Sha Wan storage services – FAQs:

1. How does the rental process work at StorHub?

At StorHub, we make it extremely easy to see, select, rent, and move into your chosen units.

  • Once you give us a call or visit us, our specialists will discuss your specific needs.
  • We will then recommend the unit size and take you around to see our premises.
  • Our team will also explain the fire safety measures implemented in the unit.
  • We will explain what types of services are included in the rental.
  • Our specialists will provide a detailed quote.
  • We also explain the type of insurance available for purchase to indemnify your products.
  • We can offer spaces of different dimensions and flexible terms to you to help you make your move-in process as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

2. How much do StorHub’s spaces cost?

That’s the best part! Our Cheung Sha Wan storage units and Lai Chi Kok storage units are charged on a pay-as-you-use method.

Our rentals can be for as short as one month or for a longer period of time – completely up to you.

3. How often can clients visit their Cheung Sha Wan storage unit?

You are completely welcome to visit your unit 24/7, 365 days. We will give you a pin code that is completely unique for you to enter the facility.

We value your privacy, and hence we will not intrude on your visits to your unit, whether to retrieve goods, store more inventory or organising your belongings.

4. Do we need to have insurance prior to renting StorHub Lai Chi Kok storage units?

While we strive to keep our facilities safe and well-maintained, accidents such as fire and water leakage could happen. Hence, we offer you specialised insurance to protect the goods you intend to place in the space. There is a small monthly premium for a minimum coverage of HK$10,000 and we also offer higher coverage for customers who may need them.

5. What kind of customer support would clients get post-rental?

At StorHub, our specialists are available on-site from Monday to Sunday. If you ever need anything or have any questions, feel free to contact them. We are committed to your satisfaction and the safety of your products.

Our spaces in Cheung Sha Wan & Lai Chi Kok are designed to help you grow your business. Visit us today to take a look at our facilities.

a year agoVery good location with nice staff, thanks Toby
7 months agoVery good presentation and service Great location and price The staff is patient and friendly
8 months agoGreat location, very friendly staff, clean and neat. Best service!
a year agoRecommend to anyone needing storage service near to a mtr station, and special thanks to Toby and Stella for the customer service and taking the time with me. p.s. free parking, drinks, snacks and nespresso lol
a year agoOutstanding. People are very kind and cooperative. Place is extremely well maintained. I am extremely amazed by their service. Very Nice
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    Limited-time Offer | Up to 3 months free + 35% OFF*

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